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Establishing an economic equilibrium between Government and the ‘Key Financial Beneficiary’ of the wealth of the country

A legal process demanding Socio-Economic Justice based on Truth and Reconciliation as commenced in 1994.

 A pro-active defence is a legal right and a matter of fundamental public importance to Namibia and the Western World. 

Charles S Courtney-Clarke

Website under construction

In the early 1960s, the late John F. Kennedy described the modi operandi of a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that has captured the Western World, manipulated it, the United Nation (UN), the UN Security Council, the EU, the UK, and the United States from exercising their independent legal obligation to dispense social and economic justice in Namibia, prior to its political transition to independence in 1989, during that period and thereafter, as my defence as witness and a victim demonstrates.

SOCIAL JUSTICE CASES  –  Crimes of 1989 committed in Namibia – (under construction.)



ECONOMIC JUSTICE CASES – 1981 to 2007 ( under construction)

The case of the Disappearing Diamonds,1980-1994.

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  1. Please see Application to the United Nations:”
    In October 2014, Charles Courtney-Clarke created a public private forum “establishing an economic equilibrium between the key financial beneficiaries to the wealth of the country and the government”. The website recorded that an application was submitted to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to compel the investigation into the unsolved crimes against humanity committed by the South African Apartheid Government during the Namibian independence process supervised by the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG), between April 1989 to March 1990, in terms of UN Security Council Resolution 435 (1978)……

    …..As a result of the failure of the respective authorities to act and dispense justice in Namibia, South Africa and Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom, this website will serve to communicate the on-going demands to International Institutions and governments to dispense Social and Economic Justice.

  2. The quest for social and economic justice should start right at the beginning with the African bantu Expansion in 1300 AD. The aboriginal khoe-San of Namibia (Basters, Coloureds, naman and San) have been wronged by many nations of the world, conglomerates, gangs, rich families and influential individuals. The trend is unchanged today. All perpetrators must be held accountable: Africans, Europeans, Asians, Middle Eastern countries, Latin Americans and Namibians. The aboriginal khoe-san of Namibia eat soil while thieves and liars live like kings. Where is the justice in that? Swapo must return our ancestral land and property. They must answer for their crimes against the aboriginal peoples of Namibia, Namibians and humanity.

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